Posted by: Randy and Kim Grebe | June 19, 2011

Hello World!

Hello World,

Imagine that… we’ve finally hit the 21st centry.  Honestly we’ve wanted to blog for a long time but time is always of essence and there were media security restrictions while onboard the Logos Hope.  Of course time will continue to be a glitch but we promise to attempt to keep our new site fresh and full of God stories and everyday life stories.

In fact, one area of our blog will be themed after a statement we have used and lived by for many years being involved in mission and that is…

“You won’t beleive what happened today”  If you only have a few minutes, PLEASE check this area out.

We’ll be adding other stories from years gone by but for now… enjoy!!


Randy & Kim

Posted by: Randy and Kim Grebe | June 3, 2011

Annika’s Graduation from Junior High School

We don’t think Annika ever thought this day would come when she was on the ship but guess what… here’s the proof!! Annika came to TKA (The King’s Academy) halfway through the school year. She quickly made friends, adjusted to classes and got use to having daily homework each day. She enjoyed being a part of the school JV soccer team which was made up of mostly guys, but she held her own and learned the game. They had a good season with only 2 losses to the same team. Not bad.

Now onto conquering High School!



Posted by: Randy and Kim Grebe | May 28, 2011

America’s FIRST Ski Plex!

As part of Jimmy and Ashley’s wedding weekend activities we also enjoyed a family event at Liberty Universities one-of-a-kind, first one in America ski plex. Outdoor skiing year round. We had fun both inner-tubing, skiing and snowboarding. What a blast!!

Chris and Andrea and (scared) Dad ready for another run.

Nate Kaiser and for another life memory of skiing on the “bunny hill” in the middle of summer.

Annika snowboarding for the first time ever. She did GREAT!

Caleb Moses tore up the moutain that night!

The two ol’ buds hitting this hills once again!

Posted by: Randy and Kim Grebe | May 15, 2011

Ashley’s Graduation

Ashley's Graduation

Congratulations Ashley! A true college graduate from Liberty University. We are so proud of you!

What a blessing to attend Ashley’s Graduation. The ceremonies are encouraging to witness to hear and see the impact the university wants to have in reaching the world for Christ. ??? graduates, ???statistics?????

Ashley graduated with a degree in ???? Since Jimmy is on staff at Liberty and they are married she and Jimmy get free Graduate tuition. Both will be obtaining their MA Graduate degrees in Counseling and Jimmy in ??? while he works full time in the Liberty Recruitment Office. A great opportunity!

Posted by: Randy and Kim Grebe | March 16, 2011

The Arabian Gulf

Having never been in the Arabian Gulf we found this area intriguing.  From the cultural difference of food, dress, family and religion to interacting with muliple nationalites in places such as Dubai, Qatar and Oman, many people that live in these coutries are ex-patriots (or people living there from other coutries).  Here’s a small clip from Doha, Qatar the last port in the Gulf region.


Posted by: Randy and Kim Grebe | March 15, 2011

A greeting from UAE Dubai


It’s like New York city in the middle of a dessert.  Take a peak at this video and the tallest building in the world.


Posted by: Randy and Kim Grebe | March 14, 2011

ILM (International Leaders Meeting) Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

I was invited to this international gathering of OM worldwide leaders from nearly 100 countries. My responsibility was to meet with and share the Logos Hope ministry with 23 of these Field Leaders spanning the globe. During an evening session I was asked to share some “God Stories” from the ship.

Posted by: Randy and Kim Grebe | February 10, 2011

Chick-fil-A/WinShape visit

First time visit to meet with and thank the team at WinShape, the philaphrapy????? arm of Chick-fil-A. Thank you WinShape for your partnership with OM Ships and your blessing to the ministry. We’ve appreciated your ministry visits to Logos Hope and ????? Thank you Fran Andrews for the nice tour of Berry University propety and personal assistance. It was a great visit.

WinShape Foundation leadership team

Posted by: Randy and Kim Grebe | January 3, 2011

Our FIRST work day in Florence, South Carolina in January

It came as a suprise… SNOW in South Carolina.  A day not to be forgotten.  Here I am at the US Ship office.  Burrr!! Annika went to school for the first time 1 day and then had 3 days off of school due to snow. She said she could get use to this school schedule!

These two guys show up.  Does anybody know them?


Han van Baaren and Eric Shelley

Our Role:


Posted by: Randy and Kim Grebe | December 28, 2010

Our Last Day On Board In Lebonan


Do all good things come to an end?  What a great question.

After nearly three years onboard the Logo Hope it came to an end.  Our hearts were filled with emotion as the ship departed.  Captain Dirk graciously blew the load horn TWICE as they sailed off to the Suez Canal and to the Arabian Gulf region.  Annika expressed excitement as she contemplated her next new home but also shed some tears of sadness as many memories seamed to float away as the ship sailed off into the horizon.  Such is life, such is the Journey of Life!

Within an hour or two we were on the top of a snow capped mountain with our friends Camille Melki (Heart for Lebanon) and his family.  Watch Annika enjoy her very first snowmobile ride!!


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